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Wolf Lane Tropical Gin (500ml)

Wolf Lane Tropical Gin (500ml)

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Wolf Lane Tropical gin is made in a 400L still using a two-part process. The dried botanicals, including macadamia, cinnamon and lemon myrtle, are steeped in the neutral grain spirit for 24 hours. The following day, fresh local botanicals, such as ruby grapefruit, mango, finger limes, lavender and mint are vapour infused with the spirit to add bright, fruity, tropical notes.

The use of macadamias provides a smoothness to the palate that allow the tropical botanicals to shine through the spice but still provides a really satisfying long, spicy finish. Overall Wolf Lane has created a unique gin that aptly represents the tropical paradise of Cairns and the beautiful reef it sits beside.

Pairs with FeverTree Light and dehydrated grapefruit

500ml  |  42.5% ABV

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FeverTree Light and dehydrated grapefruit

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