Why Craft Gin is an Amazing Gift for All Occasions

December 13 2019
Why Craft Gin is an Amazing Gift for All Occasions

Struggling to find good gift ideas? Give the gift of a beautiful boutique gin or, better yet, a boutique gin box. They’re wonderful gift ideas year round, from birthdays to anniversaries, Christmas to Valentine’s Day. 

Maybe you’ve got a friend who’s always ordering gin and tonics, or a family member who takes pride in their alcohol collection, perhaps a workmate or employee who deserves a well-earned drink, or that mate who’s impossible to buy gifts for...heck, we could go on forever. The fact is, gin is an incredible gift for nearly any occasion. Here’s why:


Gin can be infused to taste all festive

Even though we’re surrounded by gin on a daily basis, we’d still be stoked to receive a fine bottle of gin as a gift, especially if it was infused with festive flavours that match the occasion. 

For example, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to give a lovely gin macerated with romantic floral blossoms or berries. If your birthday falls in summer, a pink gin is an ideal choice. Or for Christmas, try a gin that features festive spices like cinnamon or cloves. 


Gin is beautifully packaged

From retro, apothecary-style packaging through to exotic whimsical or vibrant floral, gin is synonymous with beautiful bottle designs that your gin loving friends and family will love showing off. 

It also makes the whole unwrapping part even better. Just watch as they admire a craft gin bottle they’ve never seen before. Just don’t be surprised if they hug and kiss the bottle more than you. 


Gin is great to share with loved ones 

Isn’t a big reason for giving and receiving presents to share: a box of chocolates you pass round on Christmas day, tickets to a show, a puppy (this reads pretty much like our letter to Santa). These are a few of the many gifts that are made to be shared. 

A damn tasty gin is no exception, which can not only lubricate your Christmas dinner or birthday party but can be a real talking point at a future dinner party or soiree. And hey, if you’ve given a loved one a bottle of gin, it’s only normal for them to offer you a drop. That’s a win-win (or gin-gin to the cheese-lovers out there) right there. 


Gin has so many varieties

One of the best aspects of gin is how diverse it is. Whether your gift recipient is a gin novice or gin connoisseur, there are so many amazing gin distillers, both local and abroad, which will give you unprecedented choice over your gift purchase, and make it even more personal to the recipient.

A few of the wackier gin types we’ve seen in our time include a gin that uses fresh botanicals sourced from the world famous Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, a seaweed gin, marmalade gin, nettle gin, chocolate gin and, yes, even a beer gin. 


Gin can be enjoyed in many different ways

The beauty of gin is how diverse it is. Purists might turn your quality craft gin gift into a delectable martini. Gin & tonic lovers will likely pair their new gift with a few refreshing tonics and garnishes to find the perfect balance. And adventurous types could well experiment with a myriad of different mixers and ingredients to make sublime gin cocktails. 

Heck, there’s really no wrong way to drink gin, which makes an artisanal gin such a fantastic addition to any liquor cabinet. 


These are just five of the many reasons why a craft gin is such a great gift choice. Our collection of gin subscription boxes and specialty gin box gifts do the hard work for you. Because gin is so much more than just a drink – it's a lifestyle – we suss out a truly special gin and compile assorted goodies to complement our stunning gin boxes. 

And if you’d like to receive gin on your next special occasion, it’s probably time to start dropping hints to, well, anyone who’ll listen. Happy gin giving, and receiving!


Photo - Spirit of Harrogate | Slingsby London Dry Gin 


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