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Gin Glasses

Crystal Gin Glasses

If you love gin as much as us, then you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t have the right gin glasses to sip from. Although there aren’t many rules when it comes to drinking gin, tradition says that certain glassware is specific to different alcoholic beverages. 


At Garden Street Gin Club we stock the most exquisite glassware from Plumm, that has been perfectly crafted for a delicious gin and tonic of your choice. Purchase your crystal gin glasses in sets of two or four today and level up your at home gin drinking experience.




How do I know which gin glass to use? 

There really aren’t many rules when it comes to drinking gin, but traditionally speaking, a gin and tonic is served in a stemmed glass that is voluminous and balloon-like. This helps the aromas of the gin and the botanicals to infuse into the liquid and steep longer for a more rounded and deeper flavour.


Should gin glasses have a stem?

Traditional gin glasses look similar to a red wine glass with a stem but new contemporary versions are becoming more available and very popular. Our selection from Plumm glassware has beautiful stemless gin glasses and classic gin glasses with stems too. It’s really up to you what you prefer. Stemless gin glasses are fantastic for less formal occasions like picnics or beach visits.