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The last thing you want to do is ruin a quality gin with a low-quality mixer. Don’t take any chances - stick with quality tonic water from Garden Street and start crafting the perfect cocktails for you and your guests!

Craft The Perfect Gin Cocktails With Our Tonic Water!

Just like the garnishes you choose to layer on top of your cocktails, the tonic water you use makes a much bigger difference than you may think. Not all tonics are created equal - which is why it is so important that you carefully select yours. Picture this - you bought an expensive bottle of gin and you’re eager to get a taste of it. You mix up your gin and tonic to perfection, add a quality garnish, and take that first sip - only to be disappointed as your gin is overpowered by the nasty, low-quality tonic water you used. Fortunately, we’re here to help you avoid all this.

When you shop at Garden Street, you can rest assured you’re getting the best of the best. This is true not just of the products you see on this page - but across our entire catalog. From our actual gin for sale to the glassware we offer, and everything in between.

We know that your tonic can make or break your gin experience - and as lifelong gin enthusiasts ourselves, we’ve worked hard to curate the best selection of tonics for you to shop from. Whether you’re looking for something plain or something flavourful, we’ve got you covered. Shop now or keep reading to learn more about what makes us the premier choice for all things gin and tonic.

Why Buy Tonic Water Online At Garden Street?

You could always head to your local market or corner store and find some type of tonic water to make your cocktails with. Why go through the effort to buy tonic water online at Garden Street? Well, if you actually want to experience gin as it was intended, you can’t just go buy any old water. You need to carefully select water that pairs well with your specific gin. This can be a challenge in and of itself.

That’s why in our gin subscription service, we don’t just send you a new exciting bottle of gin to try every month - we send you a matching tonic to pair it with, along with quality gin garnishes, accessories to make your cocktails in style, and recipes to impress yourself and your guests. What more could you ask for?

If you want to start finding your new favorite distillers each and every month without lifting a finger, sign up for the subscription today. You’ll look forward to the delivery day each and every month - or, you can shop individual bottles and cans of tonic on this page to pair with bottles you already have in your bar. Our gin shop has anything you need!

Choose From Different Tonic Styles

Here at Garden Street, we have products from your favorite brands - such as Capi, Artisan, Fever-Tree, Strangelove, and more. Whether you’re looking for something specific like a dry tonic, a light tonic, a citrus tonic, or anything in between, you can trust that we’ve got it for you here. Just browse above and see what we have in store for you. Or, reach out and we’ll recommend a tonic to pair with whatever bottle you have in mind!

What Are You Waiting For? Shop Today & Take Your Mixologist Game To The Next Level!

Ready to start enjoying gin and tonics as they were intended? Shop the selections above or sign up for our gin subscription service - this is the #1 way to find new distillers you can’t experience anywhere else.