Australian Wine Grape Gins

There’s just something special about a good wine, and creative distillers have hit the nail on the head when it comes to bringing the best of both worlds together in Australian wine and gin.

In recent years, the Aussie gin scene has seen a surge in the popularity of wine-inspired gins. While not always made by distilling grapes to a base spirit, many are often made by steeping grapes, juices or wines into a gin base resulting in a deep, rich purple hue and a fruity, spicy flavour.

Much like popular Sloe Gins in Europe, these decadent, tart and rich fruity flavoured gins are perfect for warming the bones in chilly winter months. Think stewed cherries, plums, and a hint of spice. In a cocktail, on the rocks or long with soda, it’s a crowd-pleaser! 

While we’re not hiding from as much icy weather as our European counterparts, Australia’s love affair with these flavoured gins can be attributed to our thriving wine industry, and epicurious distillers! With a climate and terrain that is conducive to growing a variety of grape varieties, we’re one of the world’s leading wine producers. As a result, winemakers and distillers alike are experimenting with grape varietals to create unique gins that showcase the distinct flavours of our regions and their produce.

Naught’s Sangiovese gin holds a special place in our heart, and has been a sell-out success year on year, but was not the first crimson gin to hit the scene. 

Other Australian distilleries have since embraced the trend, with many experimenting with different grape varieties and aging techniques to create their own unique blends. Think bold and robust tanin goodness of Shiraz grapes; lighter, delicate red fruit notes from Pinot Noir; or blends of everything in between. Keep an eye out for offerings from your favourite distilleries!

On the more subtle end of the spectrum, distillers can add an extra depth of flavour by barrel aging their gins in ex-wine barrels – most often from white wines like Chardonnay but also reds, too. Look for these if you’re partial to the signature toasty barrel flavour and a softness on the palate.

While wine-based gins still represent a small portion of the Australian gin market, their popularity is on the rise. With more distilleries putting their own spin on the category, it’s likely that we’ll see even more innovation and creativity in the near future, and we can’t wait to see what comes next!

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