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Bass & Flinders Madame Marmalade Orange Liqueur (500ml)

Bass & Flinders Madame Marmalade Orange Liqueur (500ml)

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The hero ingredient in many timeless cocktails, Bass & Flinders' Madame Marmalade Orange Liqueur is a premium, Australian version of a brandy-based orange liqueur or triple sec in the classic Curaçao tradition. A staple in every bartender’s collection. Carefully crafted, true to the traditional recipe, with a uniquely native botanical twist.

Made from fresh, zesty oranges, a premium brandy base and a closely guarded blend of botanicals in the mix, Madame Marmalade is a complex, mouth-filling, velvety liqueur. Intensely ripe, sweet juicy marmalade flavours beautifully balance with aromas of freshly squeezed oranges and lifted by the sweet floral heady notes of brandy, with hints of dried fruits and vanilla. 

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