March's Gin | O'Gin

March 5 2020
March's Gin | O'Gin

About O'Gin

Pristine wilderness, soaring cliffs, towering sand dunes and a community of like-minded artisan producers at the top of their game, Kangaroo Island offers something for everyone. Our pick of the lot is one of the oldest gin distilleries in Australia; Kangaroo Island Spirits.


The Kangaroo Island Spirit’s story began in 2002 when husband and wife team Jon and Sarah Lark set out to establish the first distillery in Australia that was solely dedicated to producing gin. The first stop on their journey was flying off to the UK and London to visit the world famous Plymouth distillery and the now ubiquitous Sipsmith distillery that has since been recognized as one of the pioneers of the craft gin renaissance sweeping the globe. On the same trip, they spent a number of weeks in a Swedish distillery, visited a still manufacturer in Germany and began researching liqueurs in Italy.


After moving from the desert to the white sand beaches of Kangaroo Island, Jon and Sarah Lark began refining their craft in the garage of their new home. Fueled by a passion for traditional gin making techniques, over time, they refined and began producing and selling hand crafted spirits. It took a lot of research and development for the Lark’s to get the recipe right, but they say that were very lucky with many people volunteering to help them research along the way!


The Kangaroo Island Spirits ethos has evolved through the application of hands on, passion and patience. Eric Ripert, an award-winning French chef based out of New York, has likened Jon and Sarah to the famous French sauciers who skillfully balance the flavours of the pot, or in their case gin, to ensure the flavours are complete, balanced and presented correctly. This is exactly how KIS gins are made and why consistency and balance are core to the values of the distillery. The Lark’s were drawn to Kangaroo Island by the natural beauty and the ability, once there, to be able to feel as if they had turned everything off and begun to slow down. They also realised that there was an emerging food and wine industry on the island. They connected with producers on the island through their passion for making truly luxurious and artisan produce.


We are very glad that the team at Kangaroo Island Spirits have built such a wonderful distillery and culture since their humble beginnings. We are delighted to be able to share their recently crowned contemporary gin of the year with you in this month’s box. As more and more contemporary gins appear on the market it is wonderful to find such a unique and special gin to share with you all. Enjoy!



Gin and Tonic Pairing

This month’s gin pairs deliciously with any premium tonic but especially well with Capi Premium. It is a tasty pairing of both sweet and savoury and an excellent afternoon gnt selection! 


- 30ml O'Gin

- 120ml Capi Premium


Wedge of orange and a sprig of rosemary - or even better a sprinkle of Olearia

O'Gin gin and tonic

Tasting Notes

juniper icon

Gin Type

Contemporary London Dry

eye icon


Clear and Bright

nose icon


Juniper and bursts of Olearia (pine)

mouth icon


Spice, juniper and sweet orange forward

botanicals icon


Juniper, coriander, angelica root, local oranges and the coastal daisy bush “Olearia axillaris”

finish icon


Tropical fruits and a hit of spice

Cocktail of the Month

Classic Martini

March Box Cocktail
Picture - O'Gin Martini


- 50ml KIS O'Gin

- 15ml Dry Vermouth

- Twist of Lemon Peel

Pour the gin and dry vermouth into a cocktail shaker with ice. Stir well, then strain into a frosted Martini glass. Zest the lemon peel and garnish by twisting it in a spiral and dipping in to the middle.


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