Botanical drawers at Bass & Flinders Distillery


Everything that we find ourselves needing in life requires a good, strong foundation. From the physical foundations of our home, the educational basics we learn as children, to surrounding ourselves with good people as we grow up - gin is no exception to this rule. Besides the distinctive juniper berries that are required for a gin to be called a gin, the spirit that we know and love is basically a flavoured vodka at heart. 

The base spirit of gin was first believed to be made by re-distillation of malt wine. However, due to the cold winter temperatures in Europe that weren’t conducive to the grape growing vines, this changed to the re-distillation of natural grains such as barley, corn, rye, sorghum or wheat. Luckily for us, gin’s base spirit can be made from many agricultural products, so there’s no risk of running out any time soon!

The base ingredients of choice are put into a mash and distilled several times to remove the impurities, resulting in a clean and powerful base spirit that’s wholesome and pure of heart. At 96% and above, this spirit is essentially a blank canvas for the masters of their craft, who first dilute it down with purified or spring water before using a wide variety of botanicals to add the complexities of flavour we enjoy. 

While most gin companies will buy in their base spirit and skip to the fun part, some companies such as Boatrockers use the fermented wash leftover from brewing their beer and distil this several times to produce theirs in-house. Essentially recycling at its best (and tastiest)! 



Puss & Mew Honey Coconut Gin gin blog

Puss & Mew Honey Coconut Gin

Garden Street Collector's Series Edition One gin blog

Garden Street Collector's Series Edition One

This gin is a nod to you, our members. We’ve tasted hundreds of delicious Australian gins over the years and every year our tasting panel has the (really terrible) job of choosing their 12 favourite gins to share with you. It’s tough competition and they’re a very picky bunch!

Twelve months ago, we floated the idea of making something exclusively for our members; something one off and never to be repeated. It needed to be something for the collectors to add to their gin shelves and moreover, we had to make a product we were proud to share, and one delicious enough to get past our tasting panel!