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Naught Sangiovese Gin (700ml) - 2023 Vintage

Naught Sangiovese Gin (700ml) - 2023 Vintage

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Naught Sangiovese Gin will tease you with its pretty appearance and sweet disposition. A combination of distinctly elegant gin and playfully wicked sangiovese grapes, it will captivate your palate and leave you yearning for more. The lively aromas, vibrant red fruits and seductive spices deliver a beautiful synergy of sweet and savoury, capturing the playful tension between grapes and gin. Perfect for a cosy Christmas in July!

Created by infusing premium sangiovese grapes with Naught’s Australian Dry Gin, it was gently filtered with no additives to produce a naturally bright cerise colour and flavour in bottle. You may find some grape sediment which is very safe to consume.

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