Farmer's Wife Gift Box


Our unique Farmer's Wife Gift box provides all that you need to create the perfect Farmer's Wife gin and tonic as well as a wonderful spicy ginger beer cocktail. 

Farmer's Wife Autumn Dry Gin is created on a farm in the small village of Allworth NSW. Thirteen botanicals including native safe, myrtles, pepperberry and their signature sugar bag honey bestow their magic upon this gin.

This inscribes a unique citrus sweetness that when distilled using a traditional copper pot still delivers a softness and depth to the gin.

Included in the Farmer's Wife Gift Box is: 

- 700ml bottle of Farmer's Wife Autumn Dry Gin (48% ABV)

- 2 x Plumm Stemmed European Crystal Gin Glasses

- 2 x 180ml Strangelove Light tonics 

- 1 x 180ml Strangelove Hot Ginger Beer

- Lemon garnish

- Lime garnish

- Tasting note card with cocktail recipes


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