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BoozyCandlez Garden Street Edition One Gin Candle

BoozyCandlez Garden Street Edition One Gin Candle

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A locally-crafted, gin-scented candle from bOOzycandleZ!

Featuring the zesty native citrus flavours from the Garden Street Gin Collectors Series Edition One, this hand poured candle is a vibrant fusion of Australian native botanicals in a Dry style gin. This candle will immerse you in the Australian bush with every sip.

Each bottle is carefully hand-cut and sanded to create a unique candle. The original label is left on which adds to the individuality of the candle. There may be imperfections based on the thickness of the glass and how the glass was forged originally. Please be mindful as this is a recycled product parts of the label will not be as new and may be torn in some areas.

They make great gifts for housewarming, anniversary, or wedding presents. They even look fantastic as centerpieces for a dining room table. They are conversation starters and will add a touch of elegance to any room. The warm glow of the candle with the comforting smell of the oils allow for a moment of tranquility in an otherwise busy day.

These candles use natural, plant-based wax for a clean, sustainable burn. bOOzycandleZ avoid harmful substances, such as phthalates, and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle with a reliable, non-toxic supply source.

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