SevenZeroEight's Premium Classic Dry Gin

March 3 2021
SevenZeroEight's Premium Classic Dry Gin

About SevenZeroEight Distillery

The story behind every gin and every distillery is often a long and convoluted one. SevenZeroEight is certainly no exception. Spanning continents and states, the evolution of this remarkable, award-winning gin pulls together friends and colleagues from all industries. Chance meetings made with open minds helped start a journey to creating a special product that we are delighted to bring to you this month!

It all began in 2018 when a small group of friends in WA purchased a still from Amsterdam and shipped it over to Perth. After lots of experimenting, they created a gin they called ‘The Collector’. Originally the distilling was to serve as a hobby with the fruit of their hard work to be kept for personal enjoyment with family and friends.

This is where the story gets interesting. A meeting turned tasting session with the legendary Australian cricketer, Shane Warne, forged a new path for this fabulous gin.

Shane, when choosing a spirit, thought himself purely a vodka man. He found most gins too floral and juniper heavy, but that was until he tried ‘The Collector’. He was instantly surprised by this clean, smooth, and light gin style that spun his mind into overdrive. Shane was converted. He loved it so much that he wanted to get involved and take it to the next level for everyone to enjoy – it was too good to be kept under wraps!

Bringing in trusted friends to turn this hobby into a multi-award winning distillery, the newly formed company set about building a brand. On 13 September 2019, Shane’s 50th birthday, the team at SevenZeroEight launched their Classic Dry Gin. Two months later, they were accepting online orders.

As for the brand name, SevenZeroEight pays homage to the world-renowned “King Of Spin” and his game-changing bowling technique where he took a record-breaking 708 wickets in his Test career.


Shane at the height of his career


Anyone interested in distilling techniques would be curious to know that SevenZeroEight distillery uses a 500L istill from Amsterdam. This robotic still operates a modern distilling technique ensuring consistency and maximum extraction of flavours from the range of botanicals. These are steeped and infused for 24 hours and then distilled for a further 9-11 hours, creating a rich botanical spirit. This is then expertly blended with purified water for one month to ensure a smooth, premium gin boasting a beautifully balanced flavour profile.

About Premium Classic Dry Gin

Sourced from local and sustainable ingredients, where possible, the Classic Dry Gin blends together a host of botanicals including juniper, coriander, angelica root, citrus peel, cardamom, liquorice root, orris and other herbs to create a balanced gin with pleasant citrus and herbaceous notes. The result is a smooth, clean and fresh-tasting dry gin that unlike other dry styles is not too juniper heavy. It is perfect for your classic G&T or in a nice fresh martini with a twist of lemon.

Not only is it a wonderful gin to drink, but the SevenZeroEight Classic Dry Gin is also a multi-award-winner. Since its release in 2019, the Premium Classic Dry Gin has picked up four awards; a Gold Medal at 2019 Australian Gin Awards, Silver Medal at 2020 World Gin Awards, Silver Medal at 2020 London Spirits Competition and Gold Medal at 2020 SIP Awards.


Cheers everyone!



Gin and Tonic Pairing

This month’s gin pairs with a botanical tonic, we have chosen Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic


- 30ml SevenZeroEight's Classic Dry Gin


- 90ml Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic


- Slice of fresh / dried Orange and a sprinkling of Rosemary


Pour in to a glass and add a slice of orange, a smattering of rosemary and lots of chunky ice

708 Gin and Tonic - Photo - Lucas Dawson Photography


SevenZeroEigh Gin and Tonic | Photo - Lucas Dawson

Tasting Notes

juniper icon

Gin Type

Premium Distilled Classic Dry Gin

eye icon


Clear and Bright

nose icon


Citrus and herbal tones

mouth icon


Smooth with subtle hints of lemon myrtle and thyme

botanicals icon


Juniper, coriander, angelica root, citrus peel, cardamom, and orris root

finish icon


Smooth with subtle hints of lemon myrtle and thyme

Cocktail of the Month

Georgia Gin Cocktail

Gin Berry Martini
Picture - 708 Gin Berry Martini

- 45ml AqSevenZeroEight Gin


- 15ml Raspberry Liqueur


- 45ml Cranberry Juice


Shake ingredients over ice and strain into martini glass


Garnish with a fresh sprig of rosemary


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Tasmania - more than a breath of fresh air!

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