Craft Gin | Flowstate Brewers and Distillers

July 1 2021
Craft Gin | Flowstate Brewers and Distillers

The Distillery

FlowState Brewers and Distillers is the epitome of a family company. Established in 2019 by the Bridge brothers, Shaun and Leigh, this small, yet mighty, distillery is aiming to create a legacy to pass down the generations. The merging of two eclectic backgrounds has produced a business with the perfect foundations for an innovative, yet conscious company.

Both Shaun and Leigh have spent most of their adult lives in a trade, which were very handy skills to have when travelling overseas in their youth! After returning home and living in Melbourne for a couple of years, they both fell into a bit of a rut; they were going through the motions with careers, and feeling like they needed a sea change. The brothers made the decision to slow life down and set up camp on the beautiful Victorian Surf Coast.

At this point Leigh also decided to pursue his passion of brewing, which lead him to a 6-year stint at Little Creatures Brewery in Geelong. The knowledge he gained there eventually led him down the distilling rabbit hole, and the rest is history! This, combined with Shaun’s keen interest in spirits led the pair to the inevitable - starting their very own distillery. Having always wanted to work together, it was a match made it heaven. Since then, they’ve built FlowState around the lifestyle they want to live, all while creating something they are passionate about.

Nowadays, the FlowState team share a production space with their good friends over at Blackman’s Brewery in Torquay (also featured as the gift in July's box!). The space is filled with brewing equipment and FlowState’s brand new 300L still. It’s a tight space, but perfectly equiped with everything they need for distillation. It’s the ideal setup for the distillery to bring production in house and grow their product range.

Not only do FlowState have grand visions for their distillery, they also want to be a business that gives back to the environment. They’ve partnered with ‘1% for the planet’ as their first commitment, a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through everyday actions. It’s a small step in FlowState’s environmental goals but one they wanted to commit to from the very beginning. In the coming years they’re aiming to be carbon neutral and become B-Corp certified.

FlowState Craft Gin | Alvin Wong

About FlowState Craft Gin

The brothers’ aim is to make products that they actually want to drink, that also represent them and their coastal home. In their first product, a craft gin, they feature natives from the Surf Coast and botanicals such as hops to tie into Leigh’s brewing background. The team describes their creation as ‘an alluring go-to Australian contemporary gin, specifically created to be enjoyed as a G&T’.

Native Coastal Daisy foraged from the Surf Coast, Australian hops flowers from the Victorian high country, wedged grapefruit and lemon are all vapour infused to create a delicate distillate, balancing savoury and floral notes with a citrus freshness. Depth is added through a strong backbone of forest pine juniper berries, the brightness of crushed coriander seeds, spicy mountain pepperberries and cinnamon. These combine to give the distillate a long soft finish.

Whether neat or on the rocks, Craft Gin is bold and flavoursome and will satisfy any consummate gin enthusiast. Where the gin really shines though is when served with tonic or soda as it opens up with a little dilution. The bright citrus, deep floral and herbal notes with spice on the back of the palate make it super interesting and very refreshing.

Cheers everyone!



Gin and Tonic Pairing

This month’s gin pairs with a low sugar tonic, we have chosen StrangeLove Light.

- 30ml FlowState Craft Gin

- 90ml StrangeLove Light

- A wedge of fresh / dried grapefruit or lemon (or both for a tangy fruity mix!)

Method: Add a heap of ice and serve in a nice big glass. For those who like it a bit stronger, a 2:1 ratio is also lovely!

Poltergeist Gin and Tonic

FlowState Gin and Tonic

Tasting Notes

juniper icon

Gin Type

Australian Contemporary

eye icon


Clear and Bright

nose icon


Notes of forest floor, grapefruit and wildflowers

mouth icon


Great depth with soft, warm spice, bright citrus and subtle fresh cut flowers

botanicals icon


Juniper, coriander seeds, angelica root, orris root, cinnamon, native coastal daisy, mountain pepperberry, Australian hops (Galaxy Hops), grapefruit, lemon

finish icon


Spicy and warm with a touch of citrus, soft and complex with a delicate finish

Cocktail of the Month

FlowState Shandy Spritz

Shandy Spritz
Picture - Shandy Spritz

- 45ml FlowState Craft Gin


- 10ml Elderflower Liqueur


- 5ml Sugar Syrup


- 60ml Soda


- 60ml Blackman's 'Juicy Banger' Beer


In a wine glass, combine ice, gin, sugar syrup, Elderflower Liqueur and stir. Top glass off with soda water and ‘Juicy Banger’ or your favourite IPA.


Garnish with rosemary.

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FlowState Shandy Spritz

FlowState Shandy Spritz

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