Drinks Plinks Unconvential Slab Ice Cube Tray


These slow melting ice cubes are sized perfectly for long drinks.

Say goodbye to all those boring old ice cube trays! The Unconvential Slab Ice Cube Tray gives slow melting slabs of ice, perfect for impressing cocktail-loving pals and keeping your long drinks cooler for longer. Each tray gives 4 x 140mm x 33mm x 50mm slabs, perfect for jugs and long glasses. And at only 160mm (w) x 160mm (h) x 52mm (d), it's small enough to fit in the freezer without over-crowding. 

Level up your gin with chunky mega ice blocks. Each slow melting MegaCube is sized to have attitude, and will make an ice shape 47mm (w) x 47mm (h) and 50mm (d).

9 x MegaCubes per tray. Size of tray: 160mm (w) x 160mm (h) x 52mm (d).
Australian owned & designed. Dishwasher safe. Bake up to 220°. Food grade silicone, free of BPA, BPS, and phthalates.