Imbue Gin & Tonic Truffles

You will need:

- 165g Dark chocolate
- 75g Butter
- 60g Cream
- 45ml Journey Gin
- 2 tsp Tonic syrup
- 1.5 Tbs Imbue Muntrie sherbert
- 1.5 Tbs Icing sugar


1. Melt chocolate and butter in the microwave or over a bain marie, stirring regularly. 

2. Fold in the cream, gin and tonic syrup and allow to set in the fridge. Combine muntrie sherbert and icing sugar. 

3. Once set, roll truffles into balls and coat in muntrie sherbert/icing sugar mix. Store in the fridge, or freezer for a firmer set. 

This recipe pairs muntrie sherbert with Imbue's Journey Gin, but try coating some in cocoa powder for a richer flavour! Play around with chocolates, gins and syrups. The variations are only limited by your ima-GIN-ation! 

Note: Choose a high quality chocolate, preferably matching the flavour profile to your chosen gin and tonic syrup. 

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