4 must-try gin cocktails for picnic season

October 25 2021
Taking a photo of gin cocktails at a picnic

Picture this: you’re sitting in a park surrounded by friends, the sun’s rays are gentle on your skin and you have a delicious gin cocktail in your hand. The thought alone is bliss, isn’t it? With restrictions easing in Victoria and Melbourne Cup Day weekend fast approaching, there’s the perfect opportunity to make this fantasy a reality. 

To make things even easier for you, we’ve brought some of our favourite picnic-friendly gin cocktails for the occasion. So, pop on your best frock and head to the nearest park. And, for a picnic that goes off without a hitch, check out our unbreakable stemless glasses from Plumm.



Punches are the perfect drinks for a picnic – they are simple to prepare in advance, are easy to share with a group and, most importantly, they taste great! This recipe serves 6, so you can easily adjust the measurements to serve more or fewer people. 

For this summer punch that’s sure to impress, you’ll need a 3.5-litre serving bowl or drink dispenser and four cups of ice to start. To your bowl, add four cups of good-quality pineapple juice, one cup of dry gin (we’d recommend Finders Australian Dry Gin) and half a cup of elderflower cordial. Give it all a good stir and add lime wedges and a handful of mints leaves. Top with soda water to taste and enjoy! 



Classics are classics for a reason, and when it comes to a refreshing gin cocktail it’s hard to go past the gimlet. For this tried-and-true drink, you’ll only need three ingredients (plus ice), so it’s the ideal picnic indulgence! To a cocktail shaker filled with ice add 60 ml of your favourite gin, 30 ml lime juice (fresh is best) and 20 ml simple syrup. Give it a good shake and pour into a chilled glass. Then sit back and relax! 



For a drink that’s as simple as it is refreshing, look no further than this sweet and spiced rhubarb and ginger ale cocktail. All you need for this feisty tipple is a good-quality rhubarb-infused gin (like Big Tree Distillery’s Rhubarb Gin) and your favourite ginger ale, or ginger beer if you’re after a little more kick. Add 50 ml of gin to a glass of ice and top with 150 ml of ginger ale. Garnish with an orange slice and you’re go to go.



This is another cocktail that can be prepared in advance, so all the hard work is taken care of before you enter relaxed picnic mode. To a blender add 2 cups of chopped watermelon, 250 ml botanical gin and 30 ml simple syrup. Give it a good whiz to combine the watermelon and add to a pitcher of ice. Garnish with fresh mint and share among six friends for a refreshing pink drink that’s sure to be the highlight of the day. 


Botanical Gin  |  AmberChes Distillery

Botanical Gin | AmberChes Distillery

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Puss & Mew Honey Coconut Gin

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