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Saltbeard Grapefruit Gin (700ml)

Saltbeard Grapefruit Gin (700ml)

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Saltbeard Distillery was born out of a passion for gin, and a love for the Barossa Valley in South Australia. It’s here, tinkering away alongside another distillery, surrounded by the region’s iconic grapevines that stretch as far as the eye can see, that Saltbeard’s unique spirits come to life. With a focus on quality over quantity, this small-batch distillery crafts delicious and original spirits that are big in heart, from a passionate man and his beloved dog.

Saltbeard Grapefruit Gin, a swirling citrus drop that pairs perfectly with everything from seafood to ice cream, to long summer nights. With confident notes of juniper that swiftly move the fresh tart sweetness of grapefruit, the brightness and depth of this bottle have been perfected by John, and his distillery dog, Otto.

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