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Farmer's Wife Summer Spritz Gin (700ml)

Farmer's Wife Summer Spritz Gin (700ml)

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Farmer's Wife Autumn Dry Gin is created on a farm in the small village of Allworth NSW. This limited edition, spritz inspired gin is layered with quintessential summer flavours, perfectly suited to the laid-back nonchalance that comes with the warmer weather.

Thirteen botanicals, including myrtles, sage and rare sugar bag honey are enlivened by the addition of fresh pressed Sauvignon Blanc grapes sourced at Tamburlaine Organic Winery.

Clean citrus characters of lemon and lime are emphasised by the grapes' acidity, followed by grassy herbal notes of native sage and a sweet floral finish of honey and passionfruit.

700ml (44% ABV)

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Sparkling Wine and Summer Fruit

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